SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding, and that’s exactly what it is. Imagine a really big, buoyant surfboard that, while standing on it, you propel yourself along with a long, seven foot paddle… and it’s a surprising amount of fun.

In our opinion there’s three aspects of Stand Up Paddleboarding that make it both fun and varied. It is a great way to explore any coastline on a warm, flat, windless day. It’s also a fantastic way to learn how to ride small manageable waves, even the ones created by the incoming ferries in Dublin bay. Finally it’s a great fun way to lose weight and gain muscle.

Here at BigStyle we’ve packed in the gym and instead of weights we just go exploring Dublin bay on a sunny day. It’s fantastic exercise for shoulders, chest, back, glutes and of course core muscles – and the beauty is you hardly notice you’re doing any exercise at all.

Our SUP instructors are fully qualified to make your learning experience on the bay both fun and safe – from the very basics all the way up to waveriding. We’ve also teamed up with Beth Casey from Beth Casey Yoga, to provide SUP yoga classes – see the SUP yoga section in the drop down menu for more info about this bizarre and fantastic hybrid.

SUP is a perfect partner to go with kitesurfing as windless days are ideal for SUPing in the bay and if the wind’s up, go grab your kite. So get in touch if you fancy a exercise filled explore of Dublin bay and we’ll get the ball rolling from there. We do both lessons and rentals, so check out our Book Now page for prices and plans. Looking forward to seeing you in the water.