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We’re going to have a fish’s-eye view of the vibrant city centre of Dublin.

The plan is to Stand Up Paddleboard our way down the river Liffey, right through the heart of the city centre, all the way to Ringsend before work.

Once we get down to Ringsend we’ll have a bit of food waiting for all the tired heroes.

It’s going to be class.




  • We’re going to meet on Thorncastle Street in Ringsend.
  • We’re going to to get a lift up the river all the way Chapelizod where there’ll be a Stand Up Paddleboard and paddle waiting for every adventurer
  • We’re going to leave our clothes in the van at the starting point (chapelizod) so the van can bring them back down to Ringsend for us to change when we’re finished
  • The ride down the liffey should take an hour and a half, and when we get down we’ll be met with hot food and drink.


All in for €50 No hidden costs… the Shtyle doesn’t work that way

Further Dates TBC



I went on the Moonlight Paddle with Kris and the BigStyle crew during the summer, and had an amazing time with them. I'd never been paddling before and quickly gained confidence on the board thanks to the team. The journey down the Liffey was beautiful, it was great to see Dublin from a different perspective. When we arrived at our destination, there was a yummy bbq waiting for us, they even had vegetarian options for us veggies. Can't wait for my next BigStyle adventure!

Grace Steite12 October 2017

Paddle boarding was such a great laugh! My third time going out with the BigStyle crew and it surprisingly gets better every time.

George Egleston21 May 2017

Their moonlight SUP excursions down the Liffey are excellent. Well recommended.

Tony Humphreys26 October 2016

Fantastic day today. Loved every minute of it. And the wet suits provided did a remarkable job of keeping the cold out despite it being freezing.

Sonia Champ5 March 2017

Better than Temple Bar, and that's saying a lot ! A great bunch of lads !

Quentin Renault24 May 2017