Sri Lanka’s an amazing place. Like a mini Southern India where everything’s been mashed together into an island the same size as Ireland and everyone’s sound. Genuinely – we’ve been there six times and we have yet to meet one bad lad, not to mention the tea plantations, mountain ranges, rattling old trains, huge buddhas and golden beaches.

We go up north to the little explored borderland between the southern Sinhalese and the northern Tamil people. There are two windy seasons in Sri Lanka – one from June – October and one from December to March. We’re going in mid-september at the pinnacle of the windy season where we’ll have perfect, flat, shallow, windy conditions.

We’ll be eating healthy Sri Lankan fare, spinning around on Stand Up Paddleboards, doing yoga every morning and having a few drinks every evening… but most of all we’ll be spending all day everyday kiting and improving in Kalpitiya’s perfect conditions.  

Overnight Kite Downwinder

The best thing about the september trip is the overnight downwinder,and I for one can’t wait to get back up there – one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

The plan is to take a flotilla of boats up past the end of the Kalpitiya peninsula and out to the untouched islands at the very for north. We’ll let all the kiters who are up for it off the boats a few kilometres upwind of the island where we’ll be staying – then we’ll downwind there in a big group.

When we get there we’ll spend the the day kiting and teaching lessons in some of the flattest, most perfect conditions we’ve ever seen. Then there’ll be a bonfire, loads of food and a good few drinks – the next day we’ll rinse and repeat – not coming back until late the next evening.


We’re going to a kite camp called ‘Kitesurfing Lanka’ which is located just down the road from the main lagoon where everyone kites. Our friends over there, Leo and Dil, have built an incredible place out of nothing over the course of the last few years, and we’ve been lucky to have been a small part of it.

There’s three types of accommodation from the basic one which is included in the price, the slightly fancier one (ensuite bathrooms etc.) for an extra €8 per night and a very fancy one for an extra €22 per night.

There’ll be more info on that when you get in touch buuuuuut for now…. here’s all the info you’ll need:   

This is what everyone gets included in the price of their trip:

  • Transfers to and from colombo
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Three beautiful local meals every day
  • Yoga classes every morning
  • An epic sandbar kiting adventure
  • Boat rescue when out in the water
  • Previously Unseen levels of craic

We’ve made a little change on the pricing this year. In order to make it fairer on everyone we’ve turned it into a three tiered system.

€790 – This is for those who are fully independant kitesurfers with their own equipment – all they need is a little bit of help with new tricks.
This Includes:
– Daily clinics on new tricks and general kite tips (emergency pack down, kite trimming, riding strapless etc)
– Somebody constantly keeping an eye on you and the comfort of a rescue boat at all times.

€890 – This is for those who are already reasonably confident at kitesurfing but who don’t have their own equipment.
This Includes:
– Three hours guaranteed equipment use per day
– At least an hour a day attention from a qualified instructor
– Somebody constantly keeping an eye on you and the comfort of a rescue boat at all times.

€990 – This is for everyone from complete first-timers all the way up to people ready to get up on the board.
This Includes:
– Three hours of kitesurfing lessons from a qualified instructor every day for 7 days, and a further two days of equipment rental
– Somebody constantly keeping an eye on you and the comfort of a rescue boat at all times.

Flights this January are coming in at around €580 – €680 round trip.


This is a pretty adventurous trip to equatorial Africa so there are a few bits and pieces to bring

Suncream, suncream…. And a bit more suncream. Factor 50+ even if you’re sallow

Sun hat and sunglasses

Rash-t for sun protection, you won’t need a wetsuit as the water’s a cool 27 degrees

Sri Lanka visa for a cool $20 to be found lurking on the other side of this link

Travel insurance – a standard policy that includes Sri Lanka will do

Membership of the IKSA this will cover you for any accidents that happen while kitesurfing for up to 90 days out of Ireland

Inoculations – if you have any queries about what shots you’ll need here’s a good place to start

Aside from that just your usual holiday stuff. Shorts, t-shirts, towel… wanderlust.

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Kalpitya - Sri Lanka