This is the perfect after work escape, a fantastic adventure in Dublin’s back garden only 35 minutes from the city centre. 

The Dalkey Island Tour is an open water paddling experience that sets out from a 500 year old harbour, into Dublin bay and over to an island steeped in history and watched over by a huge colony of seals.  

This trip is slightly more challenging than the harbour tours so we’d need your group to either have previous paddling experience or be confident in the water with a reasonable fitness level.

Read on to find out the deets!  


The Details

Due to open water instructor/student ratios and space in the rescue boat we need to have smaller groups of no more than 15 people for this event

We meet at the agreed time in Colimore Harbour (you’ll find a map lower down the page) 

We’ll get wetsuited up and have a quick instructing session and safety briefing on land before we take to the water

The trip is very weather dependant so our exact itinerary will depend on the wind, choppiness of the water and the strength of the current. 

The ideal plan would be to paddle around the island and eventually make landfall on the landward side of the island. We’d then spend 30 – 40 minutes exploring the island and then paddle back to the safety of Coliemore Harbour. 

The reality is that there’s a good chance this exact plan won’t happen but we’ll do our very best to make it to the island one way or another 

When we make it back to land there’ll be an option to fire up the BBQ so if you’re keen for that be sure to let us know in advance and to bring your own food. 

There’ll be a rescue boat at hand at all times. 


How many is it suitable for

Minimum 8

Maximum 15


€55 per person


3 hours

Fitness Level Needed

Reasonably high level of fitness needed


What to bring Section

  • A towel 
  • Warm and waterproof clothes… it’s Ireland after all 
  • Your own wetsuit if you have one, otherwise one will be provided 
  • Food for the group if you want to BBQ afterwards


Get in touch and we’ll tailor the trip to your team



(01) 437 0657