Q: Is BigStyle recognised and insured by a governing body?

Yes! We’re fully recognised & insured by both the IKSA (Irish Kitesurfing Association) and the BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association). We also only use instructors who are certified by either the BKSA or the IKO (International Kitesurfing Organisation).

Q: Is equipment provided?

It certainly is! We replace all our kiting equipment every season meaning that we always have the most up to date kites and boards for you to use – meaning it’s easier to learn and be safe while doing so. Also wetsuits (and wetsuit boots if it’s a bit chilly when we’re heading out) are provided.

Q: How do I go about booking?

Go to the ‘Book Now’ section of our website, find the lesson / package of lessons that suits you – also make sure to put it in a time and date that suits you.. Once the lesson is booked you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the info you’ll need – but if at any time you feel you need to chat to somebody just call or email and we’ll sort it out.

Q: Do I need to train on consecutive days if I book a course?

No not al all. Often due to time constraints for working people, or the fickleness of the wind consecutive days are an impossibility.

Q: Do you offer gift vouchers?

We certainly do, just have a look at our vouchers page.

Q: How many students per lesson?

The maximum we like to have per class is three people – so that it allows for everyone to get ample time on the kite. On the other hand we do accommodate groups but if you want to book a group lesson it’s best to contact us directly via email or give us a call.

Q: Do I need to be strong to kitesurf?

Not a bit. all the weight is taken in the harness so your arms hardly do any work at all – just look at pro kitesurfer Suzi Mai, she looks like a stiff breeze would blow her over. Though don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re unsure of your fitness levels.

Q: If I can snowboard, surf, wakeboard or windsurf will this help?

It certainly will. The balance acquired from these sports – the art of standing sideways – will be of great benifit to the board skills part of the course. It won’t help much with handling a kite though.

Q: I can already powerkite will this help my progression?

Absolutely. If you do have some power kite experience be sure to tell your instructor – this will mean he / she can speed through the very earliest stages of the lessons.

Q: When do you run your courses?

We run our courses seven days a week from late April until late November.

Q: What do I need to bring?

Just bring a towel, a bite to eat, suncream, warm clothes, and any medication you might need. All other equipment is provided – kites, bars, boards, helmets, harnesses and buoyancy aids

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age to kitesurf?

Lessons can start for kids as young as 13 (as long as there’s a parent or guardian present), and we’ve had people out who are well into their 60’s. if you feel you’re up for it we’ll throw you in the sea.

Q: What happens if lessons get cancelled?

If a lesson gets cancelled we’ll simply rescheduale for another day. Unfortunately we can’t predict everything when we’re relying on the wind.

Q: What if I’m not 100% confident to kitesurf solo after I’m finished the course?

Everybody learns at their own pace, f you’re not 100% confident after the course of lessons there’s no harm in taking one or two more if needs be. We can tailor those lessons to fit you exactly just get in touch.

Q: Is there a kitesurfing club or organisation I can join at the end of the course?

There is indeed, and for us Irish it’s called the IKSA (Irish Kitesurfing Assaociation). There’s whole page dedicated to this, just click the IKSA tab and you’ll find all the info you need – we strongly recommend joining up for a whole host of reasons.