At BigStyle we’ve been teaching kitesurfing for nearly 10 years and as a BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) recognised school we adhere to the highest standards of teaching, professionalism and equipment.

Last year we closed our kitesurfing school in Dublin and moved everything out west – due to partly to Dublin’s poor teaching conditions, and partly to the sheer brilliance of our teaching location and conditions out in Mayo.

Read on to find out how you can learn to kite with BigStyle in one of the world’s best locations!

Kite & Stay

So… during the week (Monday to Friday) we’re offering discounted dorm accommodation and breakfast to anyone who’s bought kitesurfing lessons for however long it takes to complete the lessons.

We can also upgrade you to a private room for an extra 40 euro per night

This doesn’t apply for the weekends as we’re usually veerrrrry busy, but you can still get B&B in a dorm room for 25 euro per night and a shared private for 100 euro per night.

The Spot

Only 500m from our lodge lies the most perfect spot to learn how to kite – the spot is so good, in fact, it’s reason we put the lodge here in the first place.

This kite instructor’s dream is a large lake lying less than 100m from the Atlantic Ocean is subject to strong, clean South Westerly winds and is butter flat and only waist deep – making it an ideal place to learn.

On top of all that for advanced lessons and wave-riding clinics we’ve got the full brunt of the Atlantic and all its fantastic swell just steps away


Our Louisburgh Kitesurf School is a recognised Airush kite school and distributor which allows us to stock the latest and best teaching equipment. All lessons are conducted on the following:

  • Either Airush DNA kites or Airush Lithium Progression kites from 2018 or 2019
  • Airush Progression bars from 2018/2019 BigBlue boards – either Barracuda or Marlin models from 2018
  • Ion, Mystic or Airush harnesses
  • Gul kitesurfing helmets
  • Mystic star buoyancy aids
  • Ion Base 5mm thick wetsuits – to make sure you’re toasty warm when taking to the high seas


All our instructors are fully qualified BKSA level 1 or level 2 instructors.

Meaning you’re in safe hands.


Our prices are inclusive of all equipment and wetsuits – so there are no nasty surprises.

1 x 3 Hour kitesurfing lesson = €130 per person

This lesson is designed either as an introduction to kitesurfing or as an add on lesson for those who have already done the course. One lesson won’t be enough to make you an independent kitesurfer.

4 x 3 hours = €450 per person

This is the full course designed to take you from complete beginner to independent kitesurfer.

It’s a comprehensive course but people do learn at different speeds so sometimes more lessons are required afterwards.

  • The courses are designed to be taught in groups of two students at a time.
  • If there is only one student in the class the 3 hour class  will be shortened to 2 hours at the same price.
  • If there are three people in the class the 3 hour course will be lengthened to 3.5 hours at the same price.

Make a Booking

To book your Kite & stay we first need you to purchase a Kite Course or Lesson voucher for our Mayo kite school.

Then get in touch to organise dates and times,
by email to or by phone +353 (01) 437 0657

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