Poolbeg is BigStyle’s home. We hold a strange kind of love those yellowing, rusted, red and white towers looming over Dublin. So much so that we chose to base our kite school right at the foot of them – just a few km south of Dublin’s city centre.




There are, though, several more reasons, aside from our affinity for the Sandymount Towers, why we came to base ourselves on Poolbeg beach.

Poolbeg lies in the centre of Dublin bay – a huge sweep of coastline stretching from (check this out). In particular the stretch of beach from Blackrock to Poolbeg is subject to huge a tidal range, creating a massive stretch of empty beach and flat, shallow water ideal for learning to kite.

Poolbeg beach also wraps around a full 180° meaning that it’s the perfect spot for most of Dublin’s wind directions, and with so much surrounding open space the wind tends to be steady and strong.

So suffice to say Poolbeg beach is South Dublin’s premier kitesurfing spot, and, gazing over Dublin bay as it arcs southwards towards the Wicklow hills you might be excused for forgetting you’re just ten minutes from Ireland’s capital.

Check out the forecast from Win Guru below, hopefully they’ll be some strong and smooth winds blowing in from an Easterly direction, around 20 knots would do nicely for learning. But the wind is a very slippery customer in Ireland and in order to advance in Kite Surfing you will need a little patience.