Surf and Yoga Adventure

What’s it all About?

We’re finishing the 2019 season in Shtyle and heading down to Portugal to catch the last of the European sun and the start of the big Atlantic winter swells. 

The plan is to spend seven days staying in a big villa in Sagres – a little surf town on the very south-western tip of Europe – where we’ll practise yoga, eat exceptional food, surf ourselves to bits and have a few auld cans to round things off.   

Sound like it might be the job for you? Read on for the dates and the deets!


Upcoming Dates:

Monday October 7th – Monday October 14th 2019 

Friday November 8th – Friday November 15th 2019

The Details

As is always the case with BigStyle trips it’s all inclusive with no nasty surprises… read on to see what’s included: 

  • 7 Nights accommodation in a beautiful villa right in the centre of town. Either in a 6 bed dorm, a twin or a double depending on what package you go for. 
  • 3 meals per day of healthy mostly vegetarian food cooked in house by a chef
  • Five days where there’ll be 2 x surf lessons per day from ASI qualified surf instructors, then two days off. Surf lessons will be either beginner or intermediate level depending on what package you go for. 
  • All equipment is of course provided: wetsuits, surfboards etc. 
  • Yoga classes every morning and wind down stretching session in the evening  
  • Transfers from the villa to the beach and back on every day that we’re surfing  
  • Transfers from Faro airport and back
  • Themed nights: movie nights, cocktail nights etc. 
  • Seeeerious craic 

What’s not included

  • Flights: But have a look at the ‘getting there’ page to see what flights we recommend for each trip and when the transfer is going. 
  • Board rental and transport outside of lessons, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can rent a board and fly solo
  • Mid day snacks… if you’re a known snacker or planning on dabbling in it you might want to stock up in the local shop 
  • Booze… but there are plenty of bars and off licenses and it’s awful cheap down there

Who’s it Suitable For?

This trip is aimed mostly at beginners and early intermediates, meaning that it’s focused on everything from first introduction to the board all the way to turning and riding the open face of the wave – along with some basic maneuvers. 

We’ll be seeking out spots that are sheltered and safe with small to medium waves, though if you are an advanced independant surfer and want to come along get in touch and we might be able to do something.


There’ll be two different packages: 


This is not just for total beginners, it will cover first principals but it is also suitable for those who’ve done a few classes before 

There are 18 beginner spaces and they’ll be the cheaper option



This is aimed at those who can already catch a wave, pop up and have surfed the open face before. In this we’ll be focusing on building up skills such as wave selection, timing, bottom turn, top turn, paddle fitness and duck diving

There will only be 6 intermediate slots and it will be slightly more expensive 


Be sure to be honest with us and yourself about you skill level as it will make the whole experience so much more enjoyable if we’ve got everyone at the right beach, on the right wave and with the right instructor.

Getting there

We’ll be flying into Faro airport on the south coast of Portugal, roughly a 1.5 hour drive from our spot in Sagres town. 

There are daily direct flights from Dublin to Faro, they take 2.5 hours and best of all… they’re vuury cheap.


>>>>>>>> OCTOBER <<<<<<<<

Mon 7th October
9.30 > 12.30 – FR 7034

Mon 14th October
20.00 > 22.55 – FR 7033


>>>>>>>> NOVEMBER <<<<<<<<

 Fri 8th November
17.15 > 20.15 – FR 7032

 Fri 15th November
15.35 > 18.40 – FR 7035


We’ll have a bus come to pick everyone up from the suggested flights, but if you can’t make that one let us know and we’ll help you explore alternative arrangements for getting there.   

Weather and What to Bring


In early October the weather in Sagres is usually still very similar to the summer time – meaning + 20 degrees most days and low rainfall. The waves are dependable but the big winter swells haven’t started rolling in yet. 



Early November gives us the last of the long summer season in Sagres, more often than not the weather is still in the high teens and early 20’s, but as it is November we can’t count on tropical conditions. 

The upside of this time of year is that the Atlantic has started churning out those big swells, meaning that we’re more likely to get strong, reliable surf than earlier in the year.


For either trip you should bring: 

    • Summer style clothing: shorts, t-shirts, dresses etc. (Moreso for the October trip) 
    • Warm clothing for the evenings and rare cold days (Moreso for the November trip) 
    • Waterproofs… as it’s always good to be prepared
    • 3mm or 4mm wetsuits if you have them. Otherwise you’ll be provided one… so no worries there 
    • Sturdy boots in case we go hiking 
    • Earplugs and face masks in you’re in the dorm and happen to be a sensitive sleeper
    • Suncream and plenty of it – most of us are irish after all 
    • Factor 50+ Lip Balm… as lips get burned to bits on the water – and they don’t even look good with a tan. 
    • Sun Glasses 
    • Yoga clothes / Comfy gear for stretching!

Pricing and packages

For this year, as these’ll be our first Portugal surf and yoga trips, we’re going to keep the pricing as affordable as possible. So there are two types of packages: 

Beginner & intermediate 

And for each of these packages there are three options: 

  • 6 bed dorm 
  • Double room 
  • Twin room 

So here they are: 

Beginner package (18 Spaces) 

  • 6 bed dorm: €595 
  • 4 bed dorm: €620 
  • Doube or Twin room €695 

Intermediate Package: (6 spaces)

  • 6 Bed dorm: €650
  • 4 bed dorm: €675 
  • Doube or Twin room: €750

If have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Shtyle.
Hopefully see you down there!


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