Our base is a beautiful rustic retreat called Peponis that sits just outside a small town called Kigombe. All the staff in Peponis along with BigStyle’s local team come from either Kigombe or some of the other small towns in the area which are home to some of our favourite kite spots.

This means our day to day interaction with the local Tanzanians is huge, we rely on them for everything and they treat us with the greatest respect and kindness.

So with this in mind we set up two community projects last season – we managed to build a new classroom for the Primary School in Kigombe and we renovated a wing of the medical dispensary in a town called Morongo.

We achieved that on quite a low amount of investment last year, so this year we’re going to up our game. We’re organising a fundraiser in Dublin and we’ll be pledging 5% of our profit from the trips to furthering the existing projects and creating new ones

And due to popular demand we’re going to repeat our infamous football match against Kigombe’s star team which was a great event for us, our clients and the community alike.

Finally we’ll be more than happy to take anyone who’s interested down to see what we’re doing in the village, if you think this would be something you’d be interested in it’d be nice to bring a few books and pens to the school when you’re coming to visit – be sure to give us a call about it ahead of time and we’ll point you in the right direction.