What is it?

5 Day Children’s Adventure Camp

  • Ages 7 – 12
  • Small camp numbers (Max 20)

What’s Included?

Activities available include Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), Surfing, Canoeing, Arts and Crafts, Beach Walks, Sandcastle Competition, Yoga, and a Pizza Party!

Hours & Pricing

  • Camp is 3 hours long each day
  • 10.00 to 13.00
  • €150 per child per week

When is it?

We have two courses over the summer:

Camp A: 19th July – 23rd July

Camp B: 9th August – 23rd August


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So, what’s the plan?

The aim of the Big Style Kids Adventure Camp is to provide a 5 day long experience in an environment that is fun, safe and inclusive whilst being in the outdoors! Our base will be The Big Style Atlantic Lodge but we will utilise the surrounding areas for different activities each day. Each camp day is three hours long and will include at least one or two activities during the day. As the West of Ireland can be totally unpredictable in regards to the weather (even during summer) the plan is always subject to change. Our goal, however, is to get out on the water at least twice during the week and then the other three days will include land activities. The following is a rough outline of the week:

The Layout

*All drop offs and collections will be at the same spot in Big Style Atlantic Lodge Car Park where the instructors will greet parents / guardians. Drop off 10.00am and collection at 13.00pm. Eircode – F28DA31 

  • Meet at the Big Style Atlantic Lodge where children will be briefed on the activities and rules for the week. Wetsuits will be provided to each child. If you have your own wetsuit bring it along and that will make things a whole lot easier.
  • Ice breaker games at the lodge and then up a hike up Killadoon Hill. We will then return to the lodge along Killadoon beach. Children to bring a snack and drink for the hike. Good grip runners or hiking shoes are a must, along with a jumper / hoody too. 
  • Parents to meet teachers at the Big Style Atlantic Lodge. Children to wear wetsuits half down with a warm jumper / hoody on top. 
  • A quick warm up Yoga session + games to begin before the water activity of the day which will be SUP and Canoeing at Killadoon Lake.
  • Children will walk down to the lake together and then they will be briefed on the activity. The children will be broken into two groups, one group will go Stand Up Paddle boarding and the other group will go canoeing. 
  • Children will be taught the fundamentals of SUP and Canoeing during the session.
  • Each activity will be an hour long with a quick swap over. The lake that we use, Killadoon Lake, is a shallow lake with a small island in the middle that the children can explore! 

After the day’s adventures it’ll be back to BigStyle HQ for beers, food, bonfire, craic, tunes and a fair bit of bejaysus.

  • Parents to meet camp leaders at The Big Style Atlantic Lodge drop off point.
  • The children will take part in Arts and Crafts activities and if the weather is nice will include beach art down on Killadoon beach. Prizes will be given for the best beach art and pictures will be taken with each piece! 
  • Parents to meet camp leaders at The Big Style Atlantic Lodge drop off point. Children to wear wetsuits half down to camp with warm jumper / hoody on top. 
  • Warm up Yoga + games before heading down to Killadoon beach. 
  • The camp will then take part in a two hour surfing lesson at Killadoon Beach where they will learn the fundamentals and basics of surfing. 
  • Return to The Big Style Atlantic Lodge for home time at 13pm. 
  • Parents to meet camp leaders at The Big Style Atlantic Lodge drop off point. 
  • Warm up games at the lodge and then we will walk to Killadoon beach. The camp will be broken up into five teams and will take part in a Sand Castle Competition! 
  • Return to the lodge for a pizza party with home-made pizzas from our very own pizza oven. Children can bring extra snacks / drinks if they wish.
  • A thank you speech from the teachers and then collection from the lodge carpark. 

*This a rough plan for the week and days will be moved around to best match the activities to the weather and tide.


What to bring Section

  1. Warm Clothes 
  2. Good grip runners or hiking shoes if you have them.
  3. Towel 
  4. A Snack and Drink
  5. Old Runners to wear into the water 
  6. Spare socks 
  7. Rain Coat / Gear 


If you have any questions about the camp or want to send on a message, you can message us at

or call George at 0851321525

Policies and Procedures

Our camp is carried out by instructors who hold qualifications in either teaching, stand up paddle boarding, yoga and surfing. Our governing body for stand up paddle boarding and surfing is under the Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI). You can find detailed documents of our policies on our ‘Policies and Procedures’ page.