BigStyle is all about being out the world getting wet, sunburnt, exhausted, cold and generally just using the outdoors as it’s supposed to be.

We have a kitesurfing school in Dublin city and a SUP school 15 minutes south in sunny Seapoint. These schools run from April until November and compliment each other fantastically – go kiting when there’s wind, go Suping when it’s calm.

In the winter we say goodbye to Ireland for a few months and set up down in Tanzania where we set up our kite and SUP school in warmer climes until Ireland thaws out. We want to create a little home for Irish adventurers to visit all winter long.

As well as teaching these sports we also run all manner of adventures at home and around the world, from Dublin to Mayo to Sri Lanka to East Africa. On these trips we combine learning to do sports with good old fashioned adventure – hiking, cliff jumping, deserted islands, spearfishing, camping, bonfires… all those things we don’t get enough of once we’re grown up.

We’re also really into making videos and writing our journals documenting all the weird stuff we’re getting up to. We also want to feature your stories as well… to start a discussion about the best ways we can spend our time outside of work.

BigStyle’s only a few years old but we’ve got big plans to change the way people in Ireland approach their free time. We reckon it’s high time we get out of bed, off the couch, out of the office and into some bizarre situations.

We hope you guys will be part of the community.

See you in the sea!

Team BigStyle



Kris Goodbody is the original founder of BigStyle.

Originally from Dublin he has a questionable background in Journalism, an extensive background in travelling and a litany of water sport qualifications (from lifeguard to coasteering guide) that he’s lost track of.

He spends his life attempting to come up with new adventures in his back garden and the rest of the world, he lives on the HMS Stíl Mór in Grand Canal dock and is occasionally visited by a dog called Foxy.

He’s a happy man. .


Ben McDonald is Chief Design Officer of BigStyle.

Ben started out his Big Style career trading his website design skills for Kite Surfing lessons. Then being brought out on kite surf trips to help make great videos to show everyone back home what they’re missing. He’s a now partnered with Big Style to be our very own design and video guru.

When Ben’s not tagging along on Big Style adventures his full time job is as Head of Design and Video at Huskies Agency.


George Kosinski is a sturdy lad, the backbone of BigStyle. He’s recently qualified from a degree in Agricultural Sciences which has absolutely no bearing on teaching water sports, but he’s always available for a harrowing tale about birthing a lamb or wrangling a goat.

George teaches kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddleboarding and is our expert guide for our west of Ireland trips.


Big Jimmy Ryan, possibly the tallest kitesurfer ever to stalk the waves, is a fine watersports instructor and all round gentleman… Although he has yet to leave one of our Sri Lanka trips without severe head injuries caused by Sri Lankan sized doorways and ceilings.

Originally from county Cork James found his way down to UCD and into the world of kitesurfing – learning from BigStyle in its first year of existence.
When he’s not teaching kitesurfing he’s to be found studying an MA in Marketing, but he’ll be trading in his business suit for a wetsuit as he comes on board with BigStyle full time in September.

James will be found teaching kitesurfing in Dublin Bay, Mayo, Sri Lanka and Africa… although he will never, ever, be let loose on a Stand Up paddleboard as he’s been know to have the centre of gravity of a Brontosaurus.  


Born underwater, Sam Mulcahy’s love for getting wet and wild has been alive since the start!An adventurer at heart, Sam loves entertaining Style guests on our out of town trips, both home and abroad, treating everyone’s needs with great patience and care.

When not in the big splash he’s making a career for himself in storytelling, taking his life experiences and telling them back through the wonder of film.

You’ll find Sam hanging around in the kitesurfing school in Dublin, on Irish adventures and international trips – usually subjecting anyone in earshot to a protracted story about lost love.


Charlie Clarke is the youngest of the 400 Clarke brothers of county Meath, all of whom are esteemed watermen. Based between Mayo and Meath he started life as a windsurfer but has graduated to the world of kitesurfing.

Charlie’s a key member of the team. His experience of teaching sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and SUPing is extensive – but we mostly keep him around because he’ll be a fully fledged doctor in a few years… handy if the Shtyle gets in any bother.

You’ll find him lurking in the SUP school in seapoint and on BigStyle’s Ireland adventures.


Rob Nolan is a man of many names. BigStyle like to call him “Bat”, but you can call him whatever you like. Kris found Bat finding himself in East Africa and offered him some kitesurfing lessons in return for some toil at his new Tanzanian kite centre.

The sheer bizarreness of the man won over the BigStyle boys and he’s come on board to help with the SUP school and the trips.

When he’s not in the water he’ll be making beats under the alias Nolab7 or with his band HOMINO.

Right on.