Surfing is possibly the most rewarding sport in the world – a mixture of serious physicality, full immersion the great outdoors and unbelievable levels of fun.

The Atlantic lodge happens to sit looking over one of Ireland’s best beginner surf beaches, and with our cosy 5mm wetsuits and top of the range beginner boards we’ll have you surfing in no time.

The Spot

We’ll be teaching lessons on Cross Beach, a big west facing stretch of beach a few kilometers outside Louisburgh town. This is a perfect beach for learning to surf as it’s got minimal rocks and no reef, loads of wide open space and a nice sandy shallow beginner area with small white water waves.

For more advanced surfers on good offshore day Cross beach dishes out some phenomenal conditions.

Beginner Lessons

Our 1.5 hour long surf beginner lessons take place twice a day, check out the book now section at the bottom of the page to find out about times.

They’re taught by ASI qualified surf instructors and will safely take you on your first steps into the waves.

Lessons are taught in small groups and can move at whatever pace you feel comfortable with – if you’re flying along we won’t keep you in the shallows but if you’re taking a while to get comfortable we’ll ease you into it nice and slowly.

The Lessons will take place in waist deep water with a qualified instructor nearby to make sure you’re safe while catching your first wave into shore.

Intermediate Lessons

This is the next step for those of you who are comfortable popping up on white water waves and riding them into shore.

In these lessons we’ll take you further out into the surf where the bigger waves break where we’ll teach you about placement, wave selection, turning down the face, surf, etiquette, equipment and conditions.

Get in touch ahead of time for an intermediate lesson to make sure the right instructor is available.

Private Group Lessons

If you’ve got a group of up to 20 fledgling surfers let us know and we’ll be able to put together a bespoke package at a time that works for you.

Get in touch!


Renting equipment is no problem at all during the hours specified at the bottom of the page but we strongly recommend you get a lesson if you’ve never surfed before – both for your safety and general enjoyment.

It’s not much craic when you don’t have a clue what you’re doing!


Out surfboards come from Alder and are built for learning. The boards are made out of a foam which is floaty, light and doesn’t hurt if it hits you

In the colder weather we use ION 5mm wetsuits and booties and in the warmer months we use Gul 3mm wetsuits and go barefoot.

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