Welcome to BigStyle’s
Stand Up Paddleboarding School.

This is where we teach people everything they need to know about Stand Up Paddle in the safe and beautiful environment of DunLaoghaire Harbour.

The harbour’s sheltered waters are not only the perfect place to find your sea legs, but with over 200 acres of water along with its rich history, it’s also a fascinating place for seasoned paddlers to explore.

Come join us down in the harbour where our expert instructors and top of the range equipment will have you ready for one of our more demanding adventures in no time.



DunLaoghaire harbour sits 11 kilometers south of Dublin city and is easily accessible by public transport (DART and bus), but there’s also plenty of parking.   

Construction started on the harbour way back in 1815 and our school is located in the oldest part of it – in a small cove beside the west pier.

We access the water by a public slipway to a very sheltered body of water where we introduce the complete basics of paddling.

From there we can paddle out into the marina, beside the yachts, under the old piers and right to the mouth of the harbour. It’s a fantastic place to learn!



Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information on lessons, rental, adventure events and bespoke group trips.


Phone number: 086 7777 900




What should I wear?

Please dress for the weather. If it’s chilly we’ll provide wetsuits and splash jackets. Bring suncream when it’s sunny and warm clothes when it’s looking a bit rough out.

Do you provide wetsuits?

Yes, we have a stock of excellent brand new wetsuits that we use through the winter months and on chilly days. If you catch cold easily you may want to wear one but for most of the summer they’re optional.

Do we wear buoyancy aids

In the harbour buoyancy aids are mandatory so we’ll be wearing them… and making them look good.


Do I need to be able to swim?

Stand up paddleboarding is a water sport and all we ask is that you’d be comfortable if you were to take a dip. You’ll be attached to your board by a leash at all times so you don’t need to be a champion swimmer. We’ll check if you’re a confident in water before we set off and you’ll be wearing a buoyancy aid. Our rescue trained instructors will be on hand to help you get back onto the board if you’re struggling.


Are there changing rooms?

We don’t have changing room facilities unfortunately but we have a big van that you can change in, or else if you’re comfortable with it, we use a towel to change in the open air.


Where can I leave my stuff?

Valuables will be locked away securely while we’re on the water.


What happens if I fall in?

The beauty of stand up paddleboarding is that you just climb back on again! We’ll go through this before we get on the water for the first time too. You’ll be attached to your board by a leash so just pull the board towards yourself and clamber back on.


Do you hire boards?

Yes we do – €20 for an hour and a half, but you have to have already done a lesson somewhere beforehand.


What’s the max number of people you can take?

We can take a maximum of 12 people per session


How do I book a group session?

Just give us a call on 089 406 9432 or drop us an email on info@bigstyle.ie


Do you accept cash on the day?

Best avoided if possible – we’d much prefer it if you could book through the site in advance