Just like with our kite school we keep the same high standards out west as we do in our SUP base in DunLaoghaire, meaning our school is fully BSUPA (British Stand up Paddleboarding Association) certified.



All our instructors are fully qualified BKSA level 1 or level 2 instructors.

Meaning you’re in safe hands.




We use the following equipment in all BigStyle SUP lessons:

  • Inflatable SUPs (iSUPs) ranging from 10’6 to 11’ depending on the students size
  • Extendable paddles so we can match the length of the paddle to the height of the student
  • Mystic star buoyancy aids 3mm
  • Gul wetsuits – as we won’t be in the water so much we won’t be needing a full on 5mm suit. On sunny days we can even run lessons in shorts and t-shirts.

The Spot

The same large, flat water lake we use to teach kitesurfing in is perfect to take your first strokes on a SUP. For lesson 1 we’ll stay within the confines of the lake in order to learn the basics, and then we’ll graduate to the sea when we can practise dealing with choppy open water and even wave riding!


€35 for a 1.5 hour SUP lesson

€20 for a 1 hour SUP rental

If you’d like to learn the hallowed secrets of the SUP be sure to contact Shane at:

Or call him on 089 406 9432