Yoga & Spa


What is it?

This is the ultimate wellness and relaxation experience. Join us for a 50 minute yoga session in our studio overlooking the Atlantic followed by a 30 second walk across the road to spend a further 45 mins relaxing in Ireland’s most scenic spa.

What to expect?

Yoga | 50 Mins |

You’ll meet at BigStyle Atlantic Lodge’s yoga studio 10 minutes before the allotted time and we’ll go into the studio and enjoy a hatha yoga class with our in-house yogi. 

We’ll be sure to cater the class to the group and the individuals, always making sure to make it as relaxing or challenging as required. 

Transition | 10 mins |

The walk between the yoga session and the spa is less than a minute but we’ll allow for 10 minutes for you to come back from wherever savasana took you, to gather your things and go at a leisurely pace down to the spa.  

Spa Experience | 45 minutes |

After the yoga class you’ll warm those bones with our 45 min spa session which includes access to our sauna, hot tub, plunge pool, cold shower and changing facilities. 

Depending on the size of your group you might have the spa to yourself or there might be several other people there, be we always make sure there’s plenty of room for everyone. 

For a slightly more in-depth look at what a 45 minute experience in our BigDipper Spa looks like check out our Open Spa Session Page here

What’s Included?

A 50 minute yoga class in our scenic yoga studio

A yoga matt and props

45 mins access to our Wood Burning Sauna

Use of the plunge pool

Outdoor showers (cold) 

Communal changing room

Bag storage

What do I Need to Bring?

Swimming Togs (We recommend to bring swimming togs with no metal parts due them heating them up and maybe causing burns in the sauna)

2 X Towels (One to dry off with & One to sit on). We provide a towel service for an additional €5 charge.

Water to rehydrate


PRICE: €40


Other booking options

Open Spa

Private Sessions

Private Spa

Surf & Spa

Looking for more info?

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